Almost 60% of students participate in at least one code. College teams participate in all sports organised in the Wellington-Porirua areas. Each sporting code relies upon the assistance given by parents in transport, coaching, supervision and support. All interested helpers are warmly invited to contact the College.

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Tawa College gives great importance and value to the artistic talents of our students and encourages them to follow their passion along with their academics.


The College provides the opportunity for participation in choral music through the all-comers choir Dawn Chorus as well as several other auditioned choirs and barbershop groups.The Music Department also provides group tutoring in strings, woodwind, brass, percussion and voice.


Tawa College has a House System. Each student will be placed in one of the following houses: Pohutukawa, Kowhai, Totara and Kauri.

Restorative Practices

Tawa College deals with behaviour management issues using a Restorative Practice approach. The approach focuses on the relationships which have been damaged by the misconduct and how best these relationships can be restored. This involves students “making things right” and also putting into place strategies and support so that the behaviour is not repeated.

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Student Support Services

Learn more about the student services provided by Tawa Colleges such as counselling.

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