International Fees

2024/2025 Tuition Fees

One YearNZ$16,000 plus a one‐off Administration Fee of $500.
One TermNZ $4,000 plus a one‐off Administration Fee of $500.
Two TermsNZ$8,000
Administration Fee NZ$500
Three TermsNZ$12,000
Administration Fee NZ$500
Administration Fee$500
Homestay Fee$340 per week with placement fee being $500.
Short Term Stays (up to 6 weeks)NZ$400 per week
Uniform Hire NZ$100 (optional)
Administration Fee NZ$300
NZ$340 Homestay Fees per week
Placement Fee NZ$300
  • Tuition fees for stays longer than 1 term (i.e. 2 terms to 1 year) include the cost of school
    uniform, a basic stationery pack, workbooks, sports fees, ID card and class photo (Term 1).
  • Students buy or bring their own flat black lace-up leather (or leather-look) shoes and
    plain black rain jacket, either a puffer-style or a lightweight plain black jacket.
  • Students who come for a short term stay can either wear their school uniform from their own
    school or they can hire a Tawa College uniform.
  • The cost of any optional subject-related school trips and the school formal dance (Year 12 and
    13 only) is not included in the Tuition fees.
  • Students all require Insurance, which can be obtained through the College if needed.
  • International students sitting NCEA qualifications pay NZQA International examination fees.

Refund Policy

  • The refund policy for International Student Fees is based on Section 4B(7) of the Education Act 1989 and the Education Amendment Act (No. 4) 1991
  • The Principal will act as the agent of the Tawa College Board in establishing the circumstances and the level of the fees to be refunded within the spirit of this policy
  • The Immigration Authorities will be informed of any change of status of the student in relation to Tawa College

Tuition Fees

  1. If the student needs to withdraw before the start of the course, the Tuition fees paid will be
    refunded in full, minus the Administration Fee
  2. If a student withdraws from College before the completion of the year for which he or she
    has been enrolled, the student may appeal to the Principal in writing clearly stating the
    circumstances of his or her withdrawal and requesting consideration of a refund.
  3. International students who wish to withdraw from Tawa College must also: Provide written
    approval from their Parents or Agent in lieu of parents signing the leaving form.
    Complete the College’s leaving form
    Give homestay parents two weeks’ notice if this involves terminating their homestay
  4. In arriving at the decision of the amount, if any, to be refunded to the student, the Principal
    will take into account the costs already incurred by the College (including the Government Levy
    and any agent’s fees). The Administration Fee will not be refunded.
  5. No refund will be made in the event that a student is excluded from College by the Tawa
    College Board.

Homestay Fees

  1. The Homestay Fees refund must be applied for in writing to the Tawa College Board, giving
    two weeks’ notice, or paying two weeks’ accommodation fees in lieu of notice.
  2. If the student does not take up the homestay because he or she withdraws before the start of
    the course, or does not receive a Visa, the Homestay Fees already paid will be refunded in full,
    minus the Homestay Placement Fee.
  3. If the student moves out of the homestay before the end of the contracted time, the amount
    of prepaid Homestay Fees not used will be refunded, minus any debts owing to the Homestay
    family. The Homestay Placement Fee will not be refunded.

Fees Protection

Tawa College has a Fees Protection Policy to safeguard the fees paid by International Students in
the unlikely event that the College may not be able to continue delivering tuition to
International Students.

Grievance Policy

Concerns and complaints procedures.