About Our College | Tō Mātou Kura

Do Justly

We are a co-educational state secondary school drawn largely from the area of Tawa which itself has a broad socio-economic mix. Tawa College was officially opened in July 1961 and has always maintained a close involvement with the life of the local community, particularly through music and sport.

With the support of our community we aim to provide a challenging, balanced education which strongly promotes achievement and preparation for lifelong learning through the development of students’ intellectual abilities, personal maturity and social responsibility.

Our Values

Our Purpose

Our aim is for Tawa College to be a school where all students have access to meaningful learning experiences that help shape and form their ability to critically engage with, and understand, their world. Tawa College is a school that ultimately deals with people and their potential. We believe we should be advocates for students as well as agents of change and development.

Success is when a student leaves school with the opportunities and the tools required to fully participate in the world as it changes around them. Tawa College continues to be a school that values service underpinned by a commitment to ‘Doing Justly’. We continue to be a reflective community that aims to offer innovative and engaging pathways for students of all abilities and that is relentless in seeking opportunities for students to realise their potential.

At Tawa College we believe in:

  • Service to, care and support of others
  • Partnership with parents and community
  • Restorative practices and high standards of behaviour
  • Excellence and inclusive participation
  • High academic standards and good vocational skills
  • Opportunities in a wide range of cultural, artistic, sporting and club experiences
  • Safety of students and staff
    Good care of the school environment